Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the information through our Paramount Structures FAQs.

The customer must provide a lift for structures over 14’ tall and/or over 30’ in width and for hanging roll-up doors 12x12 or larger. Contact your representative to see if your structure needs a lift present.

If you have a level foundation and do not plan on pulling a permit, we can certainly install your structure on ground, gravel, concrete, or asphalt. Please check with a representative for any additional questions on foundation requirements.

Some areas may require building permits. Please check with your local city or county to see what is required for your area. We require all the proper documents before the installation of your structure.

Paramount structures do not install customer-supplied products. Our installers can frame-out windows, walk-in doors, and garage doors.

Yes, premium colors can add to the cost of the structure. Please check with a representative for additional questions.

The roof pitch on the carports and metal garages is 3/12 pitch. But it can be upgraded to 4/12,5/12, and 6/12s pitch. The cost will vary.